Hair Hang FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a list of the questions most frequently asked of Marina, about her amazing hair hang act.

Does It Hurt ?

YES, Especially when I am practicing for a new trick and at the beginning of each season, before my hair and scalp have had a chance to get conditioned to support my weight built.

Is There A Trick To It?

NO, There is no trick to it, when you see me perform I am actually hanging by my hair, (no gimmicks). It is very frustrating to have worked long hours and suffer pain an bruises only to have people think that I am wearing some sort of harness or have secret cables holding me up.

Do you use some special treatment for you hair?

No, nothing special. Obviously, I have to take good care of my hair. I shampoo often and use a conditioner, but there is no special treatment that I use.

How did you get started hanging by your hair?

My sister Sara first started the act. After she married, she gave up her act in order to help her husband in managing his stage magic and illusion show. I then learned the act from her.

Have you ever been hurt while performing the act?

NO, Fortunately. I have had minor bumps, cuts and bruises, but nothing serious. IT IS A DANGEROUS ACT, I have a friend whose neck was broken while performing the act when her rigging slipped. My husband always inspected my rigging before my act and stood under me watching for any problems. Several times he has spotted potential problems and was able to get me down safely.


Page updated December 03, 2010